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Reebok Classic Jogger

A new shoe from what I believe, the Classic Jogger is placed squarely at the budget end of Reeboks’ lineup – quite obvious really, with its’ single density midsole, waffle tread, and simple ‘Reebok’ label on the side of the upper. I think there’s a charm to these – and doing some Googling find there is a plethora of colourways for Men and Women at various global sites > Sport Direct (UK) | CaResteEntreNous (France) | Zappos (US) | Endless (US)


Fake Reebok sites: Beware/Behold

Perhaps it’s a dangerous thing showcasing what clearly appear to be fake websites selling classic Reeboks. The first sign to a fake sneaker site is the surprising range and availability of rare models/colourways, the second sign is spotting hilarious Chinglish. Whilst Reebok themselves certainly wouldn’t link to these; Retrobok will – for reasons I’ll explain….  Read the rest of this entry