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GL 6000 — Korea — 2 x more!

V54913-1 V54914-1

Blink and you’d miss them! Some more routine detective work led me to Reebok Korea where another 2 ‘unisex’ colourways have appeared, They haven’t appeared officially outside Korea as yet but there’s an sale…) . So, cue some more shots featuring Korean model/singer Sohee, some slightly crunchy GL 6000 statics I spotted at a ‘friends’ Facebook page, and another picture of Sohee being directed by a guy I think I may know 😉 Plenty more images after the jump! Reebok Korea. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Glossy Lips!

Spotted some more 2013 Korean GL6000 promo images of model Sohee, which are pretty good fun — particularly as this campaign is really bringing retro ‘Boks into focus for a much younger generation. The fact that many 80’s Reeboks were made in Korea isn’t lost on us either. More after the jump. ~BokOne Read the rest of this entry