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Quick Review — Sole Trainer


Reebok Classics were kind enough to send me a pair of this retro’d 1990 shoe, and I’ll be honest — even as proprietor of Retrobok it was a shoe I might have passed by, based on online photos.   Read the rest of this entry

Sole Trainer — China Red/Seagull/White

What no other Sneaker sites will tell you is that the rather uninspiringly-titled Sole Trainer has had a multitude of more interesting names over the years — names such as (my favourite) Mantra HXL and the Concorde. Reebok have released this bold China Red/Seagull/White colourway for the under-appreciated Sole Trainer, available now from Sneaker Politics (USA). Standby for a quick review of this shoe right after this post… —BokOne

Sole Trainer OG

V52238_L copyV52237_L copy

As part of Reebok Classics “Tech 90’s” campaign, and following directly on from a similar release pattern as the Ventilator and Inferno, comes the Sole Trainer OG. Originally released (at least in Europe) in 1990 as the Mantra HXL, this was a bold new step into a new decade with brand new Hexalite tech, aggressive styling and stitched-not-windowed Reebok branding on the upper. Read on for more info and colourways…  Read the rest of this entry