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GL 6000 new colourways


Since the Distinct Life x Reebok collab ‘6000’s from a month or so ago, 4 new colourways have appeared Stateside (one of which was worn by Swizz Beatz in October year when interviewed by Complex TV).

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GL 6000 — 2014, part 1


With Reebok Classics running their #REEBOKIGNITE2014 social media campaign, a few sneak-peeks of 2014 GL 6000 colourways have appeared on Instagram, the most notable of the 2 above being the Paris Runner inspired Red-White-Blue makeup. 2014 will push the GL 6000′s number of released colourways well clear of 50, a huge number reflecing the significance of this shoe within Reebok Classics’ heritage. I’m curious to know if anyone out there has all, or approaching all of the retro’d 6000 colourways, perhaps only Swizz Beatz himself? Will update on release info for these when I see them. Thanks to BokTwo for the info. —BokOne

Swizz Beatz talks Classics with Complex TV

Swizz Beatz talked with Complex TV recently about Reebok Classics success and the next stage of its’ business game plan. Great to see him rocking some GL 6000’s — yep a new colourway, and screengrab below. He also reveals that Reebok (unclear whether Reebok global or Reebok Classics division) are ‘up 30% this year’ which is proof of their continued success, and bodes very well for the future. Click the image above or the link here to check the video > Complex TV —BokOne


City Classics — Reebok x Stash — teaser image….

So, looks like we should expect more contrasting panel releases…. Complex currently features preview Artwork for 12 of the international collaborators (but not the 13th, being Stash himself). Fingers crossed Reeboks’ efforts with these collaborators move the brand further forwards. Thanks to my source for the image. —BokOne


2013 Season (US)

Counterkicks has just posted up a huge selection of photos of a recent trade show in Vegas, with Swizz Beatz himself present. A great deal of interesting makeups to be seen here, particularly what appear to be high-top Classic Leathers (seen top left of the image above) – though their midsoles are a little different. Also, plenty of excitement around the Shaq Attack + Shaqnosis retros, which I know a lot of people Stateside are going nuts over.  Read the rest of this entry

Freestyle Hi Wedge — Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys x Reebok Freestyle Hi Wedge
Alicia Keys x Reebok Freestyle Hi Wedge

The succesful Alicia Keys line of Reeboks sees another wave of colourful releases for the fashion conscious modern B-Girl. In a semi-heel wedge form, Swizz Beatz’ better half provides a nice alternative to straight-out flat sneakers. Available sometime in April. Via Freshnessmag. —BokOne

CL Nylon Slim – 9 Womens colourways @ Reebok UK

Huge range of Womens colourways currently at Reebok UK – 9 to be precise, 2 of which are in the Alicia Keys (Mrs. Swizz Beatz) makeups, and there was even a further 2 colourways which are now unavailable. Reebok UK ~BokOne




Reebok Classics Lookbook 2013

Really promising start to the year (welcome back to Retrobok by the way guys) – with this short promo clip featuring ERS 1500, more colourways of the GL 6000 by the looks of things, Reebok Classic, DMX Run, Freestyle Hi (including some Basquiat treatments), and those Reebok Classic BRK SC 30th Anniversarys I posted up a few weeks back. It’s going to be a good year I feel 🙂 | Via Sneakernews | ~BokOne

Reebok Presents “Time Lapse” featuring Swizz Beatz

I’m liking Swizz Beatz a little more every day as he gradually improves Reeboks’ global visibility, with a clear nod to it’s brand history. Aside from a variety of recent re-issues of the awful-looking Question Mid (sorry, this is clearly where my UK tastes differ from the US) this recent promo video from Reebok is worth checking out.

Reebok Classics – Clothing

Focussing so intently on footwear, I sometimes forget to check out other merchandise – and with Reebok seemingly expanding their ‘Classics’ brand (remembering this brand is applied to ‘non-classic’ shoes such as Swizz Beatz’ Kamikaze) it means there’s some Retrobok-esque clothing out there. I’m particularly pleased with the colourway being worn by the first model above 😀 ~BokOne

Reebok Classics (UK)
 – direct link not available, use the Product Type dropdown for Clothing.

Basquiat x Reebok Classics Chi-Kaze

Well, once again I’m stepping outside of Retroboks usual remit, but I find these special editions of the Female Kamikazes (called Chi-Kaze) to be one of the boldest designs to bear the Reebok name for quite a while. I presume that Swizz Beatz is involved in stepping Reeboks’ image up a level. Unfortunately I’m a bit slow in spotting these – they’ve already disappeared from their apparent source – The Good Will Out.

3294 0 Basquiat x Reebok Classics Chi Kaze