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Reebok Classic – Stockboy: Bodega

We take you behind the scenes of the world’s finest sneaker retailers, away from the shop floor, into the world of the Stockboy. He’s the guy (or girl) who’s got the lowdown on the latest release, who still gets the buzz from a fresh delivery and who lives an inspirational life outside of the day to day. In episode 6 of this series, in line with the release of their interpretations of the reworked NPC UK, Reebok and Bodega introduce us to 30 year old Lee Beard.

Pump ‘Respect Pack’


I’m going to say this straight up: ‘Respect’ is not a positive word for any multinational company to be using, regardless of its theoretically naive and positive intentions. ‘Respect’ within US, Black or Hip Hop cultures has the much darker meaning of ‘Fear’, and I’m not entirely comfortable with Reebok Classics using this. My chagrin aside, this is a collection of Reeboks’ most prestigious and infamous footwear all dressed up in a unified colourway – something it does well, certainly helped by group shots.

Featuring the Twilight Zone, Omni Lite, Insta Pump Fury, Victory Pump, and AXT these should be available shortly from and more global stores. Click on for more images of this pack. Reebok: Tread carefully with your street language. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Insta Pump Fury ‘Ghost in the Shell – LOGICOMA’


This is now the second collaboration between Reebok and Megahousetoys (which, if I’m not mistaken owns the rights to merchandising the Ghost in the Shell franchise) following on from a 2012 collab. This pair is apparently inspired by the LOGICOMA artificial intelligence Robot from the series, with the 2012 release being inspired by the TACHIKOMA robot.

The impressive use of materials on this shoe are clear to see, with the toebox perforated metal being especially unique. I’m really loving the whole ‘toy’ aesthetic to these, it’s the subtleties like the matte grey and black midsole that really bring this home.

This is another very exciting Insta Pump collab that I hope will keep enhancing Reebok Classics’ visibility in the sneaker mainstream (even though this shoe is actually far away from that mainstream). Available this month, I’ll post further details on availability soon. Some info and photos via Hypebeast

More pics after the jump (including the previous 2012 collab). —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Proper x Reebok Classics — Pump Running Dual


California-based Proper teams up with Reebok Classics to release this sober, but very smart rendition of the Pump Running Dual — the gold tongue is a particularly nice, luxurious touch. Apparently 3 colourways by Proper were proposed 4 or 5 years ago but never saw the light of day on the street, but this Navy/Green/Gold pair is available from Proper very shortly. Proper (USA). —BokOne

Insta Pump Fury X INVINCIBLE ‘Cattleya’

Now these are brutal. Ok, calling a pair of sneakers featuring a Hawaiian flora-and-fauna-inspired print upper might be pushing it a little but following last years’ stunning ‘Koi/Childrens Day’ releases (and the hugely-popular Aape collabs) I think these are right up there as personal favourite treatments.

The pink detailing may not be to everybodys’ liking however, but Taiwans’ INVINCIBLE has clearly put a great deal of effort into these. Available from INVINCIBLE on May 31st (possibly signed too…), and Reebok Certified Network stores soon after. More pics after the jump —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Reebok Insta Pump Fury X Milk

silly-thing-x-milk-x-reebok-instapump-fury-20th-anniversary (1)

Hong Kong-based online publication ‘Milk’ has collaborated with Reebok Classics for the 20th anniversary of the Insta Pump Fury. This straightforward but bold makeup features a glossy silver and blue upper, with a no-fuss Black midsole and MK logo in the footbed.

Apparently available on May 31st from Milk Online, with Reebok Certified Network stockists following soon after. More images after the jump! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Sneaker Freaker — 20 years of the Insta Pump Fury

Superb Sneaker Freaker video featuring Reebok heavyweights Paul Litchfield and Retrobok-visitor Steven Smith talking about the impact and legacy of the OG InstaPump Fury, and the current collaborations in celebration of it’s 20th anniversary. Enjoy! —BokOne

Pump Blacktop Battleground and Boulevard retro’d


Reebok Classics continue to re-release great Retroboks — this time in the form of the 1991 ‘Blacktop’ series with the Battleground and Boulevard. Both these shoes are named after legendary outdoor Basketball courts ; the Battleground in Harlem and the Boulevard in Boston. I’m not 100% sure if these courts actually still exist, but for the sake of history I hope they do. Both these shoes release in 2 colourways each ; essentially one white, one black – both with the speckled details that was so fffffffresh in the 80’s/early 90’s.

The only missing part of this story is the 3rd shoe in the Blacktop series ; the Settlement (named after a court in Detroit), no news on any retro of those just yet. Check out the original 1991 advertisments here on Retrobok.

The Blacktop Battleground and Blacktop Boulevard will be available from May 9th 2014. Click on for many many more pics! —BokOne 

Read the rest of this entry

Sneaker Politics X Reebok Classics — Pump Fury OG ‘Rougarou’

large (2)

The “Rougarou” takes its name from a childhood fairytale popular in Lafayette, LA, which describes an imaginary werewolf-type character that kidnaps disobedient youth. Sneaker Politics represented the legendary beast with brown horsehide leather on the upper, laid over with black neoprene for superior fit. These forest-like colors are paired with speckled green and orange through the midsole and at the signature pump. 

Available from Sneaker Politics in the US on April 11th and from Swedens’ SneakersNStuff on April 12th, as well as all Reebok Certified Network stores.

More images after the jump. —BokOne

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Court Victory Pump Stash


These two new colourways of the Court Victory Pump have appeared at Reebok UK, alongside a makeup of the Pump Omni Lite with the suffixed Stash name also.

I haven’t seen these featured on any other Sneaker blogs just yet, and there’s no additional information on Reeboks own store sites so I can’t confirm if these are by Reebok Classics well-known collaborator Stash himself. Available now from Reebok UK. —BokOne

What the Pump?

p6p1 p2 p3 p4 p5  p7 p8

Now this is a piece of genius.

Featuring cat memes, classic 80’s TV and film imagery, historical Pump photographs, Eighties celebrities, new Reebok Classics products and some more risque imagery for good measure this ‘pop up’ site is simple yet hugely entertaining.

I’m not 100% sure it’s official, but I hope this gets shared widely through social networks, awesome fun! —BokOne

END x Reebok Insta Pump Fury ‘Claret’


Unusual but very nicely executed collab with – what I believe to be – UK’s END store. This store has been relentlessly stocking the majority of Reebok Classics‘ best footwear output for the last few years and are featured on the Retrobok Stores pages. Click on for more images and availability/release dates…. Read the rest of this entry

BAU Insta Pump Fury


Very strong and bold makeups from Frank The Butchers’ BAU studio, with the hot pink and tan colour pops obvious enough, it’s the muted paint-splatter upper I’m particularly loving. Click on for more pics, and store link.  Read the rest of this entry

Pump Running Dual — OG colourway video

Part of the Q1 2014 Pump Vintage Pack”, the Pump Running Dual looks pretty damn sweet in it’s OG 1991 colourway. Expected to drop March 1st, which is soon! Watch this space 🙂 —BokOne

1991 — ‘A Special Company’


Another fantastic catalogue from the early 90’s showcasing Reebok technologies, this time focussing on the myriad of Pump models then available. The genuinely useful part of this is precise release dates detailed for the 18 or so models shown. Thanks again to TheReebokKid for these scans. 1991 — A Special Company —BokOne