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Pump Fury — Behind the scenes


Woody from Sneaker Freaker was recently invited to the Chinese factory manufacturing the 2014 Pump Fury retro, and provided a cut-down online report of his visit. The full report will be featured in issue 30 of Sneaker Freaker magazine, will definitely be looking forward to that. View the online report and images now! —BokOne


1991 Pump Battleground, Boulevard, Settlement


Neatly titled after Basketball courts in New York, Detroit and Boston, these 3 Reebok Blacktops need little introduction to Pump fans out there (the Boulevard and Settlement don’t feature Pump technology, I should point out). Nice 2-sided brochure scan from TheReebokKid – added to the 90’s Media section. Thanks! —BokOne

1991 — Pump Battleground, Boulevard, Settlement

1991 — Pump It Up! brochure


Nice little brochure scan again provided by TheReebokKid showcasing The Pump™, Pump Court Victory, Omni Zone, Twilight Zone, AXT and SXT. It also nicely encapsulates Reeboks’ early marketing attempts to expand the Pump’s appeal from the nascent Basketballing to Tennis and Training. Once again, huge thanks to TheReebokKid. —BokOne

1991 — Pump It Up! brochure

1993 Spring Performance Running Catalogue


Another fantastic Catalogue scan from TheReebokKid — this time from 1993, and very exciting it is too. Why? Because these shoes directly preceded the release of the Instapump Fury, now in it’s 20th Anniversary year.

Not only does this catalogue feature the more familiar Fury-predecessors the Pump Graphlite and Graphlite Road, but also a set of less-familiar yet extremely exciting shoes — the Instapump Trainer, Racer and Sprint. Each of these shoes feature more design cues that the world had yet to experience in ’94.

Hit the jump to see your eyes pop out (if that’s physically possible!) and a link directly to the full catalogue. Thanks again TheReebokKid 🙂 —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Insta Pump Fury — now customisable!


Reebok are now offering the Pump Fury as a customisable option across a number of their global sites, most likely in celebration of the 20th anniversary of this unique shoe. Even if you don’t hit that BUY button at the end there should be some exciting results 😀 —BokOne

Reebok Design Your Own (UK) — Reebok Design Your Own (USA) — Reebok Design Your Own (Germany) — Reebok Design Your Own (France) — Reebok Design Your Own (Japan)

Collector Feature #3 — Etienne Malaquin


 Hi Etienne — Please tell us about yourself  – where you’re from, what you do.
Hi Retrobok, I’m Etienne, 23 years old, I live in Paris (France) and I’m a seller in a Sneakers Shop, Size? Paris.

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Pump Omni Lite Vintage — releasing tomorrow, 13.01.2014

Arguably the starring shoe in the forthcoming “Pump Vintage Pack”, the Pump Omni Lite gets its’ midsole yellowed and features a leather upper and of course that orange Baskteball Pump bladder. Germanys’ The Good Will Out store has this available from tomorrow (Monday 13th) and looking around I’m not seeing any other stores’ revealing these available anytime soon — so let’s see if the 3 other shoes featured in the Pump Vintage Pack drop tomorrow too…. The Good Will Out (Germany) —BokOne

Additional — just spotted this short, funky promo for the Vintage Pack, confirming the release date of 13.01.14 ;

Pump Omni Lite “Pumpkin” — 25.10.13

Is it that time of year already? It must be, as Reebok Classics are releasing limited pairs of this Halloween-themed orange/black Pump Omni Lite with ‘glow-in-the-dark underlays’.

Limited pairs of the Pump Omni Lite “Pumpkin” will hit stores on Friday, 25th October at stores such as Jimmy Jazz, Villa, City Gear, Karmaloop, Pick Your Shoes, and for US$ 120. Click on for some really sweet pics. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

2013/2014 Vintage Classics preview & Insta Pump Fury OG colourway


Well, I know a lot of people are very excited about the shoe above – finally, after a long long wait, the OG colourway for the Insta Pump Fury will be released on 1st January 2014. Additionally, some very special Pump models get the vintage treatment such as the following —

  • Pump Aerobic Lite Vintage – April 1st, 2014
  • Pump Graphlite Vintage – February 1st, 2014
  • Pump Omni Lite Vintage – January 1st, 2014
  • Pump Running Dual Vintage – March 1st, 2014
  • Pump Blacktop Battleground (3 colourways) – December 1st, 2013
  • Pump Omni Zone (4 colourways) – December 1st 2013

Also more of the Cordura series featuring many of the familiar Pump models, as well as CL Vintages, CL Utilitys, CL Suedes, Kamikaze I Mid, Rail and Swingman Mid. The Reebok Classics department is really on a roll at the moment – will be interesting to see the vintaged Pumps in detail. Click on to see the low-res catalogue leaks. Images via Throwback Sneakers. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Pump Omni Zone — 2013 (?) releases

3 very very fresh forthcoming makeups of the Pump Omni Zone have been revealed. These colourways reveal design details coherent with it’s father, the Pump Twilight Zone. I also feel that these colour makeups are much more succesful compared with recent Twilight colours. These fresh Omni’s are reported to be due in 2014 by other sites – but I have a feeling these will be available in December 2013. Click on to see the makeups in full. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Sneaker Freaker — Pump Up and Air Out! The history of Reebok Pump

Very tidy article from Sneaker Freaker on the history of the Pump — a few special rareties within, notably the legendary Chanel Insta-Pump Fury (above), but also others such as the Insta-Pump Fury Road, the Arsenal, Omni Zone III, OXT Mid, Altus, D-Time and some unreleased prototypes. Nice work SF. Pump Up and Air Out! The history of Reebok Pump. —BokOne

Reebok X AAPE Insta Pump Fury “Camo” — more pics, release date


Some very tasty shots from Hypebeast of this simply awesome makeup of the 1994 Insta Pump Fury ; apparently scheduled for release on August 24th at AAPE and Reebok Certified Network stores around the world. Info + images via Hypebeast —BokOne

Insta Pump Fury ‘F1 Racing’ pack


Reebok are having some great fun with this F1 pack of the Insta Pump serving up 3 colourways which closely (but not actually) resemble 3 of the top F1 teams of all time. You’ll have to work those out for yourself! Reebok have then used some connecting colours to link the 3 shoes in spirit. The carbon fibre style upper is superbly done, and works especially well on the silver pair. My personal favourite would have to be the black/gold/white pair which hark back to a famous F1 team colourway back in the 1970’s. For a 1994 shoe this still holds it own against current cutting edge shoe designs — if only we could see F1 pit crews wearing these in real life! Available now from the phone-or-email-only Feature Boutique. More pics after the jump! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Dee Brown in surprise appearance @ Rucker Park, NYC

Enough said. Pump Omni Lite OG now available from global stores. —BokOne

Reebok Germany Catalogue 1991 – It’s Shoetime!


Another Catalogue scan added to Retroboks‘ Media section — this time an early ’91 example sent to me by OXE at Germanys’ Overkill. Some genuinely curious finds within this one as shown above ; the Classic Leather got a brief 1990’s restyle, the Pump Omni Zone had a Pumpless brother called The Zone (it had ERS at least). Check out the full Catalogue in the Media section, or by clicking the following link. Thanks again to OXE 😀 1991 Reebok Germany Catalogue – It’s Shoetime! Kollektion 1/91 —BokOne