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GL 6000 — Sea Glass/Henna/Black/White


‘Sea Glass’ is a colour indentifier that Reebok Classics have used quite a lot over the last year or so – featuring on recent Ventilator makeups, and the Ltd Edt. Classic Leather collaboration (the one with snakeskin and pink, if you recall). It’s a striking colour, and even moreso when used in it’s entirety on the upper of any shoe.

Was the GL 6000 ready for this? I think it was born ready 😉 More images and store link after the jump —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 Black/Green


As expected, and spotted by Retrobok nearly 6 months ago now, alternative colourways of the 1986 flagship LX 8500 shoe are starting to appear in global stores. As usual, Switzerlands’ bewildering Titolo are selling this handsome Black/Green pair earlier than most — check them out now. Titolo (Switzerland) —BokOne

2014 pre-orders @ Titolo



Reebok Classics are not sitting on their laurels as we edge close to 2014 — the pre-order list at Titolo clearly shows there will be no let-up in classic re-releases into the new year. A further 3 colourways of the GL 6000 ‘Athletic‘, some neat ‘Camo Embossed’ versions of the CL, and more CL Vintages, Seudes and Nylons thrown in for good measure (the latter with 3 very, very fresh makeups). The cherry on the cake for the Statesiders/Baseballers/White Sox fans out there is the hotly anticipated retro of the mid-90’s Frank ‘Big Hurt‘ Thomas shoe, inspired by referee stripes and running multiple Reebok branding across the upper.

Get your pre-orders in now at (Switzerlands) Titolo, or use the Retrobok Stores page to find a store nearer to you. Huge thanks to Piotr for the tip.  —BokOne

UPDATE – Some of these, such as the GL 6000 Athletics and CL Embossed Camo are available now from Reebok UK

Phase II — New colourways hit Europe

3 of the above colourways were originally available from Reebok Korea back in May/June, but now they’ve been joined by a fourth with the baby blue colourway shown top. Really loving the slightly alternative colourways! These classic Phase II makeups are now available in Europe from – yep – Switzerlands’ Titolo. —BokOne

ERS 1500 — Paprika/White/Blue/Black

Another new ‘1500 colourway spotted at Switzerlands’ awesome Titolo – Reebok are seriously pumping these out! If you think they’re familiar, well… kinda – they’re similiar to one of the earlier colourways shown below. Available now alongside another 6 colourways at Titolo. —BokOne

Early ERS 1500 colourway – White/Steel/Blue Red


Classic Leather — Clean Textile

Switzerlands Titolo are currently stocking 4 colourways of the rather tidy CL ‘Clean Textiles’, and very smart they are too. Titolo (Switzerland) —BokOne

Freestyle Hi Vintage Packs

These bold vintage packs are available at a few stores currently, such as Reebok and Titolo. Yet I can’t help feeling that Reebok are confusing people with such a number of Freestyle Hi packs. Currently for Women — R12, R12 Int, Vintage Int, Alicia Keys, as well as the traditional makeups and then the Mens Vintage Int. which sit a little more squarely alongside the Vintage CL‘s. Some nice details nonetheless, and quite the mix of sober and eye-popping colourways to choose from. [Reebok UK Womens] [Titolo Mens] ~BokOne


ERS 1500 – Black/Blue/Steel/Aubergine/Pink

The 2nd ERS 1500 colourway to break cover at Titolo, I’ve not yet seen them anywhere else (if you have, please let me know in the comments). These are really bad ass design, and completely in the Retrobok spirit – congratulations to Reebok for doing this. However, and I hate to say this, but I’m not totally convinced about the finish quality on these. The rear midsole in particular reminds me of the Reebok World Mile : itself a budget shoe, and the rubber-cleated sole is a curious design choice for what is – at least in spirit – a road/track runner. Either way, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a pair and seeing them in the flesh. Remember there is a second colourway available too!
| Black/Blue/Steel/Aubergine/Pink – & – White/Steel/Blue/Red | ~BokOne

Reebok Classic Nylon Slim Pre-Order

A myriad of colourways for the budget Classic Nylon Slim – available for pre-order at Titolo. Tasty sounding colourway names too ; Teal/Aqua Vapor, Tangerine/Sherbert, Geranium/CoralBlue/Blue Shade and er…  Yellow/Yellow/Yellow 🙂 Click the image to jump over to Titolo. ~BokOne

World Best – Black/White/Glen Green/Soft Grey

Only the 2nd colourway I’ve seen on sale to date (if you see others, please drop me a message!!) of the re-release of the 1987 World Best. More Pics after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Reebok Classic Leather Clip Mesh

Wow! Just spotted these on the Swiss Titolo site. Very agressive details on this striking treatment to these Classic Leathers, with midsole details reminiscent of the Adidas ZX8000 and some of the more aggressive New Balance releases. Sold out unfortunately, and judging by the Page Source these were last available back in 2010, so apologies if I got your hopes up. Interesting nonetheless!
> Titolo