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Reminder — 3rd Ventilator OG pack colourway released tomorrow


“The third style from the Ventilator OG Pack in white/grey/pink/black will launch on Saturday, March 14th at, Bait, Extra Butter, Private and Puffer Reds.”  —BokOne

History of the Reebok Ventilator — Sneaker Freaker


Superb article from Sneaker Freaker showcasing the real OG Ventilator colourways, and interviewing the designer Ralph Serna as well as showing some of his original sketches. The Ventilator is 25 years old this year, and Reebok Classics have just re-released the 2nd OG colourway from the ‘Ventilator OG Pack’ in White/Grey/Purple/Blue on Saturday, February 14th, with a 3rd colourway coming soon. Available from and global stockists now. Hit the SF logo below to jump to the article. —BokOne


Ventilator OG pack — Colourway 2 of 3


“In 1990, Reebok released one of their most timeless running designs: the Ventilator. Incorporating Hexalite technology into the shoe to provide greater comfort and better shock absorption, it was the perfect shoe for the faster, lighter runner. The durable lugged outsole was designed to give sure-footed traction for both on and off-road running. The visible archbridge in the middle of the shoe was perfectly placed to offer optimum motion control. And the name Ventilator? That came from the ventilated side panels that allowed cooling and breathability. The shoe was ahead of its time.

Twenty-five years later the shoe is a classic. Still as light as it ever was but now worn for street fashion instead of road running. As Reebok celebrates 25 years of the Ventilator in 2015, three of the original colorways return in their true form; stitch for stitch and perfectly color matched for authenticity.

The second style from the Ventilator OG Pack in White/Grey/Purple/Blue will launch on Saturday, February 14th for $109.99 at retailers including, Bait and Puffer Reds.” —Reebok Classics press release [Edited]

Ventilator OG retro — 17.01.15


Reebok Classics are shortly releasing the Ventilator OG pack, starting with the OG 1990 Chalk/Grey/Green colourway. Read on, and for more images and release info… Read the rest of this entry