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Packer X Ventilator Supreme – 4 Seasons ‘Spring’


Packer wrap up their ‘4 Seasons‘ collaboration series with Reebok with these; a delicious makeup of the Ventilator Supreme, which follow on from their Furylite Chukka ‘Winter’, LX8500 ‘Autumn’ and Ventilator ‘Summer’. Hit the jump for more photos, release date and store links.  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator Supreme R90 — Spring/Summer Pack


Another very tidy set of makeups on the brutal Ventilator Supreme ; the Black/Yellow/Orange is probably the strongest here (and growing on me the more I look at them) but I really like the colour balancing on the Grey/Pink/Navy and White/Aquamarine/Purple pairs too – fresh is definitely the word. I’m not entirely clear about the R90 nomenclature, but that’s how they’re detailed on Reeboks’ UK site at least.

Hit the jump for more photos and store links. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Cam’ron X Ventilator Supreme ‘Purple Haze’, more photos


With a well-paced buildup to this shoes’ release on April 20th, Cam’rons ‘Purple Haze’ makeup of the Ventilator Supreme has been only seen in very small, and tantalising, glimpses. So here’s a heap of photos of this pretty out-there shoe, including the complete insole prints featuring the man himself. These might split opinion sharply, but I’m pretty keen on them. Hit the jump for more photos. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Cam’ron x Ventilator Supreme ‘Purple Haze’


It sometimes feels that the Ventilator Supreme is a bit of an overlooked shoe, so it’s always great to see it getting some extra focus. For those with keen eyes, you already spotted Kendrick Lamar rocking a pair in the stunning Alright video.

Now Reebok Classics have another signing with Harlem-born Cam’ron delivering a very tidy makeup of the insane mid-90’s runner, named after his 2004 Purple Haze album.

With release date set at 20th April, keep ’em peeled! —BokOne

WoodWood x Ventilator Supreme AFF


Now these are on point. Swedens’ WoodWood has added its own touches to one of Reebok Classics most aggressive silhouettes; the Ventilator Supreme. That midsole inner is still a killer feature, but it’s actually the black outsole treatment that neatly accentuates that rearward bulge on the outer – and the circular mesh detailing on the upper paired with the hiking style laces seals the deal.

One of my favourite makeups this year – and it’s been a bloody great year. Jump for more images & store URL. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator Supreme — ‘Canopy Green’


Reebok Classics have used the canopy name recently on a makeup of the ‘Canopy Camo’ Furylite, but this time with the Ventilator Supreme a more matted treatment is applied: I really like these, and I famously hate green sneakers normally… Hit the jump for more cuffed ankle shots and store link 😉 —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Garbstore X Ventilator Supreme — 2 colourways available NOW


2 new lush makeups of the recently retro’d Ventilator Supreme are available to buy now from Switzerlands alwaysonthefrikkincuttingedge Titolo. Sporting the Outside In twist, you’ve got a choice of a no-nonsense Grey/White/Cream with more Grey, or the whackybonkers Purple/Cream/White/Grey/Pink/Brown/Blue/Red shown above. You know the answer. The answer is BOTH 😉 Titolo -BokOne

Garbstore X Ventilator Supreme — 2 forthcoming colourways (+poster porn)


If you’ll remember, last July the grey/cream Garbstore X Ventilator Supreme was spotted in a Turnschuh video (thanks to Piotr for the spot on that). Here we are nearly 10 months later, and they still haven’t dropped… Click on for more, and some stunning posters…

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Ventilator Supreme – AVAILABLE SOON!


After quite a few months of apprehension, the retro of the mind-boggling Ventilator Supreme is finally here. These first 2 colourways are the first out the gates; hit the jump for more and store link.  Read the rest of this entry

Garbstore X Reebok Classics — Ventilator Supreme

Spotted on London-based Garbstores’ website as part of a photoshoot for combat pants, the long-awaited retros of the Ventilator Supreme are still hopefully destined for a Spring/Summer 2015 re-release. Read on for more pics… 

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Garbstore X Reebok Classics — Ventilator Supreme (S/S 2015)


My good friend Piotr pointed me at this German video taken by at Bright 2014 in Berlin, with the presenter showing off a pair of Ventilator Supremes with the Garbstore ‘Outside In’ treatment applied to them. I’m not a huge fan of the result to be honest, but it’s very exciting to see this rare shoe making a comeback, we may have to wait until next year though as the presenter mentions Spring/Summer season 2015. Hit the jump to see another screengrab of the shoe, and the full Video (Reebok features at 0.55 in the Video if YouTubes never-working Copy URL at Current Time doesn’t do its job).

Thanks again to Piotr. —BokOne

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Ventilator Supreme


Well here’s a surprise – the 1991 Ventilator Supreme looks due for a comeback this year, and is a pretty handsome beast indeed. I must be honest and say I wasn’t aware of this shoe until now (we’ve all got something to learn, hey) and I’ve certainly not seen any photos or examples of this from past catalogues or advertising material.

The most interesting feature on this shoe – by far – is the aggressive intake details on the instep arch ; I’m doubting this has any actual function (we’d all like to think the shoe breathed through these, right?) as the original Ventilator has a similar intake detail without any function.

Surprisingly there’s also no Hexalite or ERS logos on show on these shots, which is a big surprise – perhaps back in the day Reebok felt Ventilator tech was a strong enough selling point on it’s own (I’d actually put my hand up to this too: it may not be as sexy as Pump, Hexalite or ERS but has a more practical and noticeable benefit to a runner).

I can’t see any further news on release dates, but will post up as soon as I do. Great stuff Reebok Classics 😀

Thanks to BokTwo for the info. More pics after the jump. —BokOne

UPDATE: Actually Retrobok DID have a picture of a Ventilator Supreme, I’ve pasted it to the end of this post…

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